Apprentice Employer of the Year 2018

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Ewen Grange

Grange Heating has had in excess of 20 apprentices over the year, and we attribute this to our impressive growth. Ewen spoke to the @TheHerefordTimes for #NationalApprenticeshipWeek about the Hereford and Ludlow College Apprentice Employer of the Year 2018 award.

“It’s important that the apprentices can do everything they have learnt in the classroom in a real-world situation, where things can go wrong and the unexpected can happen. Hiring that first apprentice was the best thing we did, and I can foresee us hiring many more in the future too.

We have a particular ethos and culture here at Grange, to make the customer feel special and important, building a rapport is just as important as upholding our standards. With an apprentice we can build this thinking into their training, alongside the skills of the trade they are learning. It’s through this method we’ve been able to grow Grange to the size it is today. Our apprentices either stay on with us once they’re qualified as senior engineers, or those that have moved on have set-up on their own and I still keep in touch with them on a regular basis.”