Water is a precious resource that we need to use carefully.

We do not need drinking quality water for half the uses to which we put water.

2006 saw the driest summer on record, 2007 and 2008 were the wettest. Weather patterns are unpredictable and we need to cater for this in homes, gardens and businesses. The Code for Sustainable Homes, giving standards for the building industry sets a target for reducing drinking water consumption from the current average of 160 litres per person per day down to 80. The best way to do this is to use rainwater instead of mains water whenever possible. New legislation will give water boards greater powers during water shortages. Hosepipes will be banned from topping up pools, hot tubs and decorative ponds, as well as for watering gardens and outdoor cleaning. DEFRA can impose even more severe drought restrictions at any time.

Down comes the rain, the garden’s too soft to work, floods threaten, and yet, there it goes – in to the ground or down the drain…

Unless of course, you make the most of the rainwater coming off your own roof. We each use 160 litres of tap water every day. But you don’t need drinking quality water bought in from miles away to water the garden, clean the car, wash the patio or fill a pond. You can use rainwater. You can also use rainwater to flush WCs or in the washing machine.

Together with our partners at Rain Water Harvesting, we can offer a range of tanks and accessories to suit most needs. We want our clients to have bigger tanks – bigger tanks mean greater protection during droughts and bigger savings on water bills. The range includes both above ground and underground tanks. Homeowners can have a system installed not only for garden but for domestic use as well. Landscapers, garden designers, pool and spa suppliers are encouraging their clients to use rainwater. Commercial and industrial businesses can benefit from tax rebate schemes. Planning applications with rainwater harvesting are viewed more favourably.

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting

Hot dry weather we’ve all been waiting for. But then it goes on and on. Hosepipe bans start. The lawn goes brown. Those costly, new plants die. It doesn’t need to be this way.

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Rain Water Harvesting

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