Sustainable energy heating system installation

Sustainable energy is best thought of as energy which can be replenished within a human lifetime and which causes no long-term damage to the environment.

Solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy, amongst others are all self sustaining. They all have sources that cannot be depleted. Extended use of these energy sources aids the conservation of other non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.

Rain Water Harvesting

Pound House

Project: Pound House, Brockmanton, Herefordshire Client : Dr Thompson Brief: Complete Water Harvesting System Installation Completion July…

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Geothermal explanation


Project: Weatherpost, Clows Top, Worcestershire Client: Private Brief: 420 metres horizontal geothermal ground pipework Completion February…

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Harewood End

Project: Harewood End, Hereford District Heating System Client: Duchy of Cornwall Brief: Installation of Biomass Plant Room Completion July…

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Lady Southampton Chapel

Project: Lady Southampton Chapel, Hereford Client: Crump Oakwrights Brief: Vertical Bore Geothermal Heating Installation Completion October…

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Solar Energy Installation

Humber Court

Project: Humber Court, Leominster, Herefordshire  Client: Mr & Mrs Knight Brief: Aid hot water generation by free solar energy and reduce running costs Completion March…

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Grange Farm

Project: Grange Farm, Harewood End, Hereford Contractor: Midland Wood Fuels Ltd Brief: Installation of wood chip boiler and district heating system Completion August…

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